A unique trip with my neighbor in his homemade submarine Idabel

Many people always ask me the same question over and over: “What brought you here?”.  For us it was the right time at the right moment to totally change it up in our lives. Scuba diving and photography has always been one of my biggest passions and I would always try to make two diving holidays a year.

Now every day when I look out of my window I see the beautiful sunny Half Moon Bay in front of me. That makes me happy, and I get even more excited that I can scuba dive right here in my back yard. So my mind was made up pretty quick and after working in the publishing business for many years I changed my hobby to my work. I have been a dive instructor and (underwater) photographer for well over fifteen years. https://www.moceanartphotography.com/submarine/a-unique-trip-with-my-neighbor-in-his-homemade-submarine-idabel/

Roatan moments